Temperature Monitoring with Fedora 20 on the Gigabyte GA-F2A88XM-D3H

Unfortunately, lm_sensors (a package designed to allow access to motherboard sensor hardware from Fedora 20, among other Linux distributions) is not able to detect the sensors on the GA-F2A88XM-D3H out of the box. This is due to the new ITE IT8620E hardware monitoring chipset used by the board and its current lack of support from the it87-driver.

Hopefully, support will soon be forthcoming, but in the meanwhile, you can force lm_sensors to treat the motherboard as though it were using the IT8728 hardware monitoring chip, which is used by the previous GA-F2A85XM-D3H board. You accomplish this by adding the following line to /etc/modprobe.d/lm_sensors.conf:

options it87 force_id=0x8728

Once you load the module with:

$ sudo modprobe it87

You can execute sensors and see some readouts that weren’t previously available. Based on some Internet research and my own testing, it seems that the temperature displayed as “temp3” is the CPU temperature and “temp1” is the motherboard temperature.

Given that these are the only items in which I am currently interested, I’ve simply installed KSensors and configured it to display just those two temperatures in the main KDE panel.  This provides an extremely rudimentary, yet functional, monitoring solution for Fedora 20 on the GA-F2A88XM-D3H motherboard.

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1 Response to Temperature Monitoring with Fedora 20 on the Gigabyte GA-F2A88XM-D3H

  1. Pallab Das says:

    no temp2 is motherboard / SB and temp3 in North Bridge & temp 1 is the cpu

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