Is Your System Slow After Flashing Your BIOS?

You were just trying to be a good Internet citizen, patching your firmware and ensuring system stability and security.  But it all went wrong…

Public Service Announcement:

Remember to reconfigure your BIOS settings after flashing.

End Public Service Announcement

I noticed my machine moving somewhat sluggishly, with virtual machine performance (I spent all of today working on virtualization) a little on the disappointing side.  As it turns out, my BIOS flash disabled the eXtreme Memory Profile (XMP), downclocking my RAM from 2133 MHz to 1600 MHz.  My GPU, formerly overclocked at 1025 MHz, was downclocked to the normal 844 MHz maximum.  When I tried to load TF2 and it took 45 seconds, I knew something was up.  I mean, it usually only takes 30.  Linux for life.

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