Submitting a Bug Report to Gigabyte

So, I read on the Gigabyte website that the BIOS firmware for my motherboard (f6b) is considered to be beta firmware because they are still receiving feedback from customers and the current state of the driver may not reflect its final state.

I hope they’re serious about responding to customer requests; it’d be great to get this fixed.  I filled out the requested form regarding my machine specifications and submitted the messages from my kernel ring buffer.  I regret not making it clear that I care about this because I am actually trying to use the AMD-Vi functionality, but hopefully that’s assumed.

I’ll report back with any word on how this turns out.  In the meanwhile, it may be possible to modify the kernel and sort of hack that error out (since the problem may not demand a cessation of services, but this is all contingent upon a few hours’ worth of research, so it could be totally wrong).  The preferred method of dealing with an issue such as this is, of course, vendor remediation.

So hopefully good news will arrive soon.

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