KDE Tips: Desktop Effects and Screen Resolution

So, in all my messing around with Fedora 20 and KDE, I had somehow inadvertently crashed OpenGL (which, given the various graphics drivers, GPU overclock configurations, etc., isn’t that surprising).  All I knew as a result was that KDE seemed a bit uglier than I recall, with animations and effects (such as panel transparency) seemingly absent, but I didn’t bother to investigate the matter much further.

As it turns out, KDE’s desktop effects management isn’t very intuitive.  The issue that prompted this investigation was a crashed PlayOnLinux Steam session which left my desktop resolution configured at 1280×720.  Righting this was not as easy as I would’ve liked.  Whereas in Windows, one simply right-clicks on the desktop and chooses “Screen Resolution,” the “Default Desktop Settings” option in KDE does not provide such functionality.

What you have to do is head into “System Settings” (from the KDE Kickoff menu) and then “Display and Monitor” which greets you with an ugly, unintuitive screen with the title “Display Configuration.”  Here, click the little icon that looks like a window with four green arrows pointing from its corners to its center.  If you hover over that icon with your mouse, you’ll see a little help bubble which reads “Show list of available display resolutions.”  Here, you can choose your resolution.

That was not as easy as it should be.

Further, regarding the seemingly absent KDE desktop effects, one can head to “Desktop Effects” from the KDE Kickoff menu and find that the front page likely holds an announcement informing you that OpenGL crashed in the past.  You can remove the protection options it has enabled by default and re-enter the beautiful OpenGL world of desktop effects.


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1 Response to KDE Tips: Desktop Effects and Screen Resolution

  1. C says:

    I agree that the Display Configuration window does look bad. My screen resolution settings got messed up too because my battery ran out while playing Teeworlds on full resolution!

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