Submitting a Bug Report to Gigabyte: Part 2

As you may recall from part 1 with more information on the problem here, I submitted a bug report to Gigabyte regarding their GA-F2A88XM-D3H motherboard’s apparent flaw regarding AMD-Vi (which I planned on using to pass my graphics adapter to a virtual machine guest running Windows 7 to play Windows-only games on Steam which require Direct X support surpassing that of wine’s current apparent offering (which is still in evaluation, as well)).

After some confusion regarding the model of the motherboard in question (between my motherboard and the similarly titled “GA-F2A88X-D3H”), the support staff responded to me (average response time was 2-4 business days) informing me that the bug report had been passed to their “team to help investigate.”

We’ll see what happens.  I’m still delighted that I can even have a chance of reaching the developers of the BIOS firmware.  That’s pretty cool.

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1 Response to Submitting a Bug Report to Gigabyte: Part 2

  1. Bennett says:

    I finally manage to get IOMMU PCIe passthrough working with this board on Centos 7.2 with the 4.3.3 mainline kernel (kernel-ml) from elrepo. I don’t see AMD-Vi page fault errors at all with this setup. I am passing through an Intel PCIe X4 dual port NIC to a CentOS 6.7 guest. CPU is an A8-7670K with 16GB of ram.

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