Skype 4.3 for Linux

Microsoft released a brand new Skype 4.3 for Linux, and I’m glad they did!  I was having some mild difficulty with Skype 4.2 (which, judging from the version type supported listed as Fedora 16 (which oddly persists to be listed despite this new client software update and the fact that I can verify its functionality on Fedora 20) has been around for a long time) in which the sound would fail either silently or with horrible buzzing/static sounds.  Reinstallations didn’t seem to help at all, and the problem was very periodic with no obvious cause (though updates are frequent and significant enough to potentially be the cause).

So I never posted about it, having not much to offer, but for what it’s worth, Skype 4.3 just booted cleanly and works excellently despite having been in a functionality lull with Skype 4.2 up until the installation of 4.3.

So woot for that.

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