Installing ZSNES in Fedora 20

Oh man, RPM Fusion has a zsnes v 1.51 package (and that’s the latest version available).  It’s incredibly easy to install – just add the rpmfusion-free repository to your system (if you haven’t already) and execute sudo yum install zsnes.

Once it’s installed, download some ROMs and play away.  ZSNES has an in-emulator filesystem browser, so you can locate ROMs and load them from wherever (it really is a top-notch emulator, even supporting some network play for multiplayer games) – all you need to do is execute zsnes from the command line (it’s installed into /usr/bin, so no need to fully qualify it unless you have some strange configuration for your PATH variable).

I’ve got my collection of ROMs (which I amassed back in the day when they weren’t as easily found) hosted on a home server and I simply mount the directory into my filesystem and go from there.

Excellent.  I am enthralled.

Additionally, my Logitech Gamepad F310 works flawlessly and immediately in Fedora 20, so if you’re looking for a gamepad, it’s an oldie but a goodie.  Logitech, as (nearly) always, makes quality equipment.

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