The Proportionate Response to North Korea

You know, I thought about this for a while, and then the most obvious, most awesome answer hit me clearly.  I have a feeling our proportionate response should include a lot less data exfiltration and a lot more data infiltration.

We should flood their networks with The Interview.  We should commandeer their information delivery systems and wake kim jong un up with his most embarrassing secrets, emailed to him and broadcast to the world.  We should fill their airwaves with historical documentaries, and their radios should sound all the best American music history has to offer.  The best speeches in our history, should be played, and it should all be subtitled with excellent Korean translations.  We could replace their history archives with actual history archives, including their own.  There could be interviews with former citizens who escaped and Korean historians recounting what we know of the terror that has been their government.

Has there ever in history been a better opportunity to destroy totalitarianism?  Take their pitiable tools of oppression and use them directly for the liberation of their freedom-starved people.

And what better force to counteract oppression of thought than the free denizens of the Internets and all their hats of so many colors?   I’m sure Washington could be provided quite the game plan and skill pool from which to create many a hilarious and proportionate response.

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