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Slavery and the Confederate Flag

I just wanted to make a quick and simple point by providing some information that everyone should know, but apparently not everyone does.. If you find yourself inclined to assert that the American Civil War “wasn’t about slavery” as I … Continue reading

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Pope Francis

Is hands-down the best Pope in my short life.  He is extraordinarily close to exactly what I would hope the leader of the largest Christian denomination in the world to be.  I read his Evangelii Gaudium and was blown away.  After … Continue reading

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Rachel Dolezal, Ethnicity, and Reality

I debated whether or not to post on this because, frankly, the discussions I am seeing regarding this issue are almost uniformly idiotic to a nauseating extent, and I’m trying to avoid that garbage on this blog.  From “social construction” … Continue reading

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SELinux, Execmem, QEMU, and LibVirt

Well, after having everything work fine in Fedora 22 with the proprietary fglrx 15.10 driver, I went to start up a VM (just a Fedora 22 guest, in fact), and I was greeted with failure in the following manner: libvirtError: … Continue reading

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Pentatonix At Manila

This may seem pretty out of place on this blog (but it shouldn’t!  ἀρετή!), I was introduced to the Pentatonix when my 2 year old saw them on Sesame Street (and subsequently about every day on an iPad for months), … Continue reading

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Installing the Proprietary AMD Catalyst 15.5 (fglrx 15.101) driver on Fedora 22 with Linux Kernel 4.04

Update:  See the next post in the series!  The new Catalyst 15.7 driver no longer requires the downgrade.  Hooray! Process Development Summary Below, find the updated installation instructions for the AMD Catalyst 15.5 driver on Fedora 22 with kernel version … Continue reading

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Installing Steam on Fedora 22

The available information is a bit stale and somewhat harder to find than I would’ve liked, but it seems to work, so I thought I’d post it: It’d be nice if Ubuntu weren’t hoggin’ the Steam spotlight so hard..  … Continue reading

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