Fedora 22 and the Proprietary AMD Catalyst Driver

Update #2:  See this post for full installation instructions.

Update:  Check out the prototyped procedure I’ve posted and give it a shot if you can.  It looks like downgrading to X.org server version 1.16 is feasible; I just haven’t had a chance to test it in conjunction with the AMD driver installation procedure outside of a virtualized environment yet.

Well, it appears the root of the problem everyone’s been experiencing with Fedora 22 and the 14.12 driver currently made generally available by AMD is that Fedora 22 makes use of the X.org X11 server version 1.17, whereas Fedora 21 does not go beyond 1.16.  Unfortunately, the 14.12 driver does not support X.org’s X11 server beyond version 1.16.

It looks like our best shot of making this work rests with version 15.20 (that’s the fglrx version number; as though to confuse the matter intentionally, AMD thoughtfully places the Catalyst version number at 15.3, so you may see both, but they refer to the same driver) which was recently released to the Ubuntu community as a Debian package (.deb).

Fortunately, it seems the Manjaro community was able to locate a tarball of the driver (check out the package code posted to github and take note of the source links) rather than a Debian package.  It looks like perhaps ATI posted it themselves once upon a time and it was captured by someone and put on launchpad.net.  Once you expand the variable included in the URL, the link still works, and allows you to download the archive:


That’s where I am at the moment.  I’ll keep everyone posted – of course, feel free to let me know if you make any discoveries, as well.  We may be able to build an RPM if we follow along closely, making modifications for compatibility with Fedora where necessary and translating the pacman package syntax accordingly.

But first I’d be impressed if we could just get the thing to install at all.  We may need to make some links to translate Ubuntu driver names to Fedora equivalents and whatnot.

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