Pentatonix At Manila

This may seem pretty out of place on this blog (but it shouldn’t!  ἀρετή!), I was introduced to the Pentatonix when my 2 year old saw them on Sesame Street (and subsequently about every day on an iPad for months), so that’s why I even bothered to look twice at seeing this pop up on Google News, but this is the most amazing audience singing I’ve ever heard:

Don’t just watch the video to which that’s linked (which should be the second video in the playlist, “On My Way Home”), but also watch the beginning of the third video, “That’s Christmas To Me” (hard to tell if the unplugged thing worked out with the recording equipment used, but I hope it was great); not only is it an audience sufficiently capable of technical accuracy to accomplish a precise, clear, consistent counterpoint,  but they are sufficiently united to rally themselves to call the singers back for an encore.

I am overcome with a mixture of awe, inspiration, and some other emotions I don’t entirely understand yet.  In my imagination, this is how I hear the house of Israel bringing up the Ark of the Covenant as David danced before them.

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