Cultural Appropriation

Of all the postmodern gobbledy-gook to enter the public discourse…

Those who make these neo-PC demands for appeasement and the feverish necessity with which they command obedience betrays their condescension; though they scream for equality, capitulation is their goal.  The advocates of victims have begun to see victims everywhere, so they run about shouting and barking like lunatics.  And behind the feigned concern for reciprocity, they would deny us our interactions with one another in flailing attempts to redress their own sorrow.  Though no limitation imposed on the thought and behavior of others will alleviate their misery, it seems they cannot bring themselves to recognize any viable alternatives.

It is in appropriating, so to speak, virtuous practices wherever they are found and respecting those who perform them that I have made some of the most profound changes in my life.  And yet, it seems the neo-PCers have determined this to be bigotry, as they seek ever-expanding fortifications around their souls made so delicate by relentless self-loathing.

I continue to believe the majority of this neo-PC stuff is brought about by a crowd so intellectually and emotionally incapacitated by its own purposeless cowardice that its members are not only unable to respect themselves, but they are unable to see any means by which to gain respect aside from pretending it has been earned from others.  Donning the guise of victimhood not only allows them to embrace that cowardice (others just don’t understand how hard their lives are), but it also takes advantage of the natural empathy with which others view those who suffer to accomplish a coercion sufficiently circuitous as to avoid the cognitive dissonance which would otherwise impede the pretense of rationality.

And what an ironically absurd conclusion it is to which they are led.  Those who fabricate clamors for equality have hurriedly accepted the conclusion that human beings are so fundamentally different from one another that our works cannot be mutually shared and understood.  It is a conclusion reached out of a desperate quest not to discover the truth, but to suppress and command the truth in pursuit of an impossible coward’s contentment.

For it is virtue that is necessary and sufficient for happiness.

That we ought to seek insight from all of our fellow human beings used to be a thought natural to liberals, but their ranks are increasingly infiltrated by the neo-PC crowd’s depression-fueled totalitarianism.

Is it cultural appropriation when I study and accept the religious teachings of Israel’s prophets?  Am I wrong to adopt arguments and bring excellent practices into my life if they are Chinese?  Shall I throw out the musings of Akbar the Great as inapplicable to my existence purely because we are capable of recognizing cultural distinctions between us?  If I pursue the classic Greek physique, am I an ignoramus, or are they sufficiently white that I’m in the right?  I should probably ditch Chan Buddhism since it’s influenced so heavily by Indian I’m like.. appropriating cultural appropriation.  Who knows what kind of bigot singularity I could form if I sat in zazen.

No?  Well if it’s simply mocking another culture or donning their clothes and playing a buffoon to which you protest, just call it what it is.  Disrespect is forever to be frowned upon, and we need no new catch-phrase with which to designate it.  But I understand the problem is that your self-loathing finds no solace without the ability to categorize the world as an offense against your soul, so I suppose it’s not too surprising.

I’d point out that the invention and deployment of confusing, unnecessary terms suggests disingenuity, but my guess is that much of the crowd is simply stuck staring at the shadows.

What hogwash nonsense.  Good Lord.

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