TeamViewer on Fedora 22

You know, I’d just like to post a quick thanks to TeamViewer for supporting their convenient application for free personal use on Fedora 22 (and CentOS and RHEL and SUSE and Ubuntu and Debian!).  You can download the RPM package from their site.

Sure, there are more elegant solutions for remotely accessing systems, but in this particular case, I’m using it to provide IT support for my 92 year old Grandmother’s Windows 8 laptop (used primarily to display on her TV) across a continent.  Providing support to family members is a great use of this software; setting it up on family members’ machines to automatically start up with Windows is a breeze and I have had no problems so far.

And it’s wonderful to be able to provide that support from my Fedora 22 Workstation.  So thanks, TeamViewer!  You guys rock.

If anyone has any trouble getting it to work, feel free to let me know, but this was primarily a thank-you post.

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  1. Not to mention the have web-based managament console! 😉

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