An Official Song for New Horizons

Does the team have an official song?  ‘Cause if not, I found one.  Though it was obviously not written with this in mind, a significant number of metaphorical thematic connections between the project and the topic of the song fit perfectly.  However, the official video is pretty committed to a representation of the song’s content in a way that kind of obscures its potential for relevance to New Horizons, so don’t watch the video; just listen:

Though the video is obviously representative of the song’s content as being about the fragility of life (as Simon Collins once stated), particularly as seen through struggles with drug and alcohol use, it takes very little interpretive license to understand its application to the New Horizons craft, as well (if you ask me, of course).

Pluto was always dear to my heart; as a child I dreamt of the creatures which might find a home on such a remote and alien rock, and I felt a sort of kinship with my hypothetical space hermits.  So, my experience might incline me more greatly towards a bittersweet representation of the New Horizons mission, but it may resonate with those who poured so much of their lives into it to watch it give us such beauty as it continues on its irreversible course.

Someone with a Twitter account feel free to tweet this their way.  =)

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    thanks its very nice

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