Text-Only Web Browsing

In case anyone wanted a recommendation for a browser, mine is the classic GNU software: Lynx.  You can install it in Fedora 22 (or CentOS/RHEL) by merely commanding:

dnf install lynx

And you can access it straight from the command line.  It’s quick, pretty, and relatively easy to use (just strike H for useful help menus).  Once you are comfortable with it (~15 minutes), you’ll be flying around the web in no time, browsing in one of the most secure fashions available.

Hell, it’ll probably help to keep you focused on actual information rather than getting sucked into nonsense, too.

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2 Responses to Text-Only Web Browsing

  1. Eduardo says:

    How can you view pictures using that browser, sir?
    Thanks in advance,

    • Hey man, try links. sudo dnf info links will give you the package description in Fedora 22. It is a web browser which can be used entirely from the command line, as can Lynx, but it displays images and supports other features common to menu-driven, graphical web browsers, as well.

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