The Light of Lights

Thus The One is in truth beyond all statement: any affirmation is of a thing; but the all-transcending, resting above even the most august divine Mind, possesses alone of all true being, and is not a thing among things; we can give it no name because that would imply predication: we can but try to indicate, in our own feeble way, something concerning it: when in our perplexity we object, “Then it is without self-perception, without self-consciousness, ignorant of itself”; we must remember that we have been considering it only in its opposites.  –  Plotinus

This is the beginning of what might be rightfully considered natural theology, for it begins with the most natural experience of all; that spontaneous creativity of the Prime Mover; the One Mind, the Divine Self which every creature cherishes.

Let every soul recall, then, at the outset the truth that soul is the author of all living things, that it has breathed the life into them all, whatever is nourished by earth and sea, all the creatures of the air, the divine stars in the sky; it is the maker of the sun; itself formed and ordered this vast heaven and conducts all that rhythmic motion; and it is a principle distinct from all these to which it gives law and movement and life, and it must of necessity be more honourable than they, for they gather or dissolve as soul brings them life or abandons them, but soul, since it never can abandon itself, is of eternal being.  –  Plotinus

Fundamentally, enlightenment is not a matter of knowledge.  It consists not of any particular fact, but rather an intense, unrelenting apprehension and acknowledgment of the Divine Self which moves every body.  In this incessant mystical awareness, everywhere one turns, there one finds the face of God smiling upon an effortless virtue driven thereby.   Though the enlightened are frequently knowledgeable, for knowledge is but one of the myriad virtues driven forth by the love of God, it is but an attribute whose source lies deeper still; the Mind of Zeus cannot be revealed by study, after all, for it is that driving force through which all study takes place.  It is the extrarational cause of all that the brain can comprehend, itself transcending that comprehension.

Though the religious shall seek education, it is not education that is required for a holy life, but courageous faith and action born of knowing thyself.

The Way that can be spoken is not the eternal Way.  –  The DaoDeJing

In every act, humanity channels that incomprehensible creative force of the Prime Mover, itself.  The virtuous life is an experience which is utterly beyond comprehension in its totality, and yet none can deny its beauty.  Humans are more than rational beings, and though rational thought is a tremendous guide, it is not the extent of that which is offered by the experience of life.  It is but machinery, driven by a force which transcends it, eluding the trappings of the mechanisms by which comprehension takes place.

This same conclusion is reiterated time and again in every major religion, and perhaps in every individual life.  This author, this very body, had formulated a primitive version of this assessment before any of those major religions had been encountered, and it is by this fact that my endorsement of these religious sentiments takes place.  I attest to that same experience so attested by those wonderful pillars of virtue who stood before my time.  Every human being operates out of the same fundamental, primal faith in Mind, even if implicitly, or in seeming secret from even their own scrutiny, and it is by virtue of this shared relationship with God, common to every creature, that religion has value for mankind.

Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth.  –  The Holy Koran

Though there will be disagreement over that which is relatively trivial, the most important and crucial faith in the Divine Mind is recognized the world over.  There need be no confusion or doubt that these bodies are the organs of God.  The religious quests of mankind exist in relation to a common source, and to one who listens attentively, they testify to that source in a sweet symphony.  Every society respects the towers of virtue among them, and the weakened and tired seek shade where it is found.

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