A Diamond in the Internet Clickbait Rough

My God, if my daughter ever handled such a situation and expressed herself so proficiently, I would consider my fatherhood a stunning success.

The details of the incident are hidden from public view, but someone so coherent and so clearly intelligent commands quite a bit of respect.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a high school student speak so articulately and pointedly with such respect for that for which she should have such respect (e.g. her education).  Hell, I may have only very rarely seen a college student speak as well.

Conflicts between students and administrations wherein students are legitimately in the right always run the risk of devolving on account of the administration’s exploitation of youthful incompetence.  Typically, 17 year olds must be at the absolute top of their games to evade pitfalls and snares which even the lamest, most moronic 50-something year old adults have learned to avoid.  Making public statements which are beyond reproach when addressing serious public incidents is a difficult thing to do, and this difficulty is often used to the advantage of the culpable party.

But not here.  Whatever happened, I’m inclined to believe her version of the story out of respect for what seems to her excellent and most admirable character.  I was ready to disregard the various accolades cited of her, as these things are commonly and trivially ascribed without requiring much effort on behalf of the recipient, but she is very impressive.

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