Adding the Brain as Digital Attack Surface

This is approximately the worst idea ever.

Yeah, yeah, everyone knew it was going to happen.  Everyone knows that someone, somewhere is going to push the cyborg thing, but you’ll find me forever au naturale.  I won’t even buy a car with networked electronics because it’s unnecessary and dangerous, thanks in large part to engineering stupidity of a very high caliber.

It just shocks me that after the endless high-profile attacks resulting in folks making off with our personal information, people think it’s even a remotely good idea to design a networked two-way interface to implant in our brains.  What happens when someone hacks that thing?  Hm?  Your cybernetic advantages will dissolve into a corrosive nightmare.  You think recovering your data after a hack is difficult?  How do you plan on recovering your brain?  I don’t think there are any safeguards in the world I would choose over an airgap for protecting my brain.  My bigger fear is that such a defense is somehow overcome.  That will be a nightmarish day, indeed.

I always knew I’d be naked, wild, and free, but I didn’t think there was really much of a chance that I’d be in that state in contraposition with actual cyborgs.  I’ll take a spear and loincloth over cybernetic implants any day.  It’s kind of scary that I actually foresee a conflict between those who refuse these implants and those who promote them as the only way forward for humanity.  It’s worse to consider that we may destroy this planet and/or ourselves so thoroughly that such implants will become necessary for mere survival.

The biggest threat technology poses to mankind is its unprecedentedly powerful facilitation of vice.  I fear the day we no longer exercise, but merely take a pill.  I fear the day our bodies and lives are so overcome with sloth and gluttony, facilitated by unprecedented technological might, that no human being can survive without cybernetic assistance.  I fear the day we no longer need strain over any labor, but merely press a button.  I fear the day the power to destroy any and all opposition is just a click away.  We’ll be infants who have remade ourselves as gods, and the combination of a virtually inescapable immaturity conferred by a life forced to kneel before every childish whim and the omnipotence we will have wrought for ourselves can spell only disaster.

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