The Unhinging of the American Left and the Genesis of Irrational Legislation

The American left is becoming increasingly disturbing to me. Unsatisfied even with the outrageous nonsense Donald Trump actually says, they can’t seem to keep themselves from flagrantly misrepresenting his position as worse than it is. And it’s not just every once in a while; it seems, rather, that they are consistently and aggressively misrepresenting his already-incredibly-stupid positions. And that is a sign that a group has become truly and dangerously deranged.

Either they are intentionally misrepresenting him or they have become so crazy that they are actually incapable of understanding relatively clear positions. I am not sure which is worse.

Example: Trump thinks that, were abortion to become illegal, women who seek them should face punishment.

Pertinent actual fact: Typically, punishment is a consequence of lawbreaking.

American Left reaction: Trump’s position is some new and outlandish form of insane misogyny.

…what did they think was going to happen to women seeking abortions in a land where abortion is illegal? For decades, people have wanted abortion to be illegal. Does the American left think that the intent was to make it illegal, but utterly without consequence? No, of course not; rather, this is another opportunity to go completely nuts and use their presumption of moral authority over the issue to insulate themselves from critique. If you don’t see that this is misogyny AT ITS UTTER WORST, why then you’re just one of them, yourself.

And of course, I don’t even think we should legislate against abortion in the ways the right often thinks we should, but that’s largely based on my acceptance of the difficulty presented by this subject and the fact that reasonable people can disagree. Where we find ourselves faced with such issues, it’s likely that we should err on the side of freedom rather than legislation.

The fact that the collapse of the American right is so quickly giving way to the rise of a form of bombastic insanity on the American left that has heretofore been largely nonexistent is very disappointing.

And what’s even crazier is that Trump appears to be…shying away from his affirmation of the obvious at the hands of the crazed, spittle-flecked rage of the left. I did not think they had the power to cow him like that. His handlers must’ve gotten to him or something.

So now, we’ve got a guy saying abortion should be illegal, but people who seek abortions are actually victims…and so abortion providers should be punished…but not the abortion seekers.

This is exactly how we end up with crazy laws that make no sense; we push through insane legislation in large part by ensuring the consequences are limited to social groups about whom no one cares very much. Shady back-alley doctors? Fine, lock ’em up forever. Drug dealers get life in prison while the same drug addicts are captured and turned loose multiple times a year? Fine – everyone hates drug dealers, right?

And that’s why we have a stupid, god-forsaken drug war that makes no sense. You can bet your ass that if rich white kids were being thrown in jail for life because they smoked a plant, society would wise up real quick and get those laws repealed. Same would go for abortion laws. But, if you work the system this way, those laws will languish on the books for decades and end up cultivating an above-ground underground (everyone knows where to get weed; everyone will know where to get abortions) which merely ensures the weaker and more easily targeted among us are ground to bits under the grotesque wheels we’ve wrought. Demand for these foolish illegalities will remain as reasonable people will continue to demand them, and those reasonable people will face minimal punishment (with the occasional “horror story” hitting the news).  In turn, supply will be provided by those with dimmer prospects in life, ’cause it’ll dramatically outweigh the drudgery to which society would condemn them were they honest and law-abiding. The supplies will lessen in quality in the hands of the poor fools responsible for their dissemination, organized crime will move in to support it, and before long, it’s a gargantuan disaster.

And this is how it starts – with stupid people attempting to dodge the critique of foolish masses while arguing about a difficult issue in hopes of pandering to ignorant anger.

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