Installing MAME on Fedora 23

Ok, this is downright simple once you know what’s up.


  1. MAME 0.171 is available via RPMFusion, so if you trust those repositories, simply install the free repository for your system’s architecture (go ahead and get the nonfree repository while you’re at it – they can both be very useful) and run ‘sudo dnf install mame’.  It’s that simple.
  2. If you want to compile MAME from source (to reach, say 0.173, which is not currently packaged in RPMFusion), that’s not so bad either, and my old post on the subject still works with some modifications:
    1. Gather the prerequisite packages:
      sudo dnf install gcc gcc-c++ qt5-qtbase-devel SDL2-devel SDL2_ttf-devel fontconfig-devel
    2. Acquire the latest source code from
    3. Make a directory (I called mine “mame” and put it in /opt/mame, being the good FHS advocate I am), unzip the archive and then unzip the archive into in that directory.  Move into the directory.
      mkdir mame     #A place to store the mame source code
      unzip --d mame
      cd mame
    4. Compile mame (this takes ~45 minutes on my rig):



See the next post in the series for information on a working hardware arrangement for MAME in Fedora 23.

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1 Response to Installing MAME on Fedora 23

  1. Not Me says:

    I guess you missed alsa-lib-devel

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