Transgenderism: Liberalism’s Patch Adams Moment

Well, here I am again, finding myself reluctantly compelled to post on this subject matter.  I’ll just get my pro forma, albeit sincere (I simply don’t believe it should be necessary), apology out of the way: I really am writing this out of concern for everyone’s well-being.  I think if you read my previous posts on this subject, the genuine nature of that concern will be made clear.

As has been previously explained on this blog, my contention with so-called “transgender” or “transsexual” issues (the two terms are often used interchangeably now) is not that such individuals are weird or in some way discomforting (and certainly not fear-inducing, as the popular “transphobia” accusation would have it), but rather that the assertions about them are so frequently and obviously false.

For perhaps the clearest example: the act of “identifying” as X does not suffice to make one X.  This is very clear and obvious, and yet, society is bending over backwards to accommodate people who seem to be declaring that identification as a woman (or man, as the case may be) does suffice to make one into a woman (or man).  Physiological facts, formerly simple matters of biology, are being framed as though their observation is some form of oppression against the observed.  Articles are written protesting that parents disallow doctors from “gendering” (and this is, of course, misuse of the term “gender” which is commonplace in these discussions nowadays) their children at birth by observing the sex of the child and marking it on the birth certificate.

The list of truly troubling problems with the discussions being had in our society regarding transsgenderism (or transsexuality) is rather large and, I believe, full of very important matters regarding whose understanding we are risking serious failure.  We shouldn’t, for example, believe that one’s sex is so critical to the very essence of one’s life that some sort of dissonance between one’s desires and reality in this realm should cause such tremendous psychological tumult.  In fact, as discussed in the post linked above, sex is relatively accidental to the essence of the human experience, and feminism certainly spent a good while trying to convince our rather slow society of that very fact in morally equating women and men.

In short: it just doesn’t matter that much.

Now, obviously to some people, it matters quite a lot, and to some degree it is up to the individual to determine the weight a subject holds in one’s life.  However, think about what has been said so far; these issues of transsexuality (or transgenderism) are very often founded on utterly and obviously incoherent assertions about reality and it is this incoherence on which additional inaccurate assertions (such as the criticality with which we must view the alignment of one’s sex with one’s…preference for one’s sex?) are mounted in order to form the core of this matter.  Add to this a huge garbage mound of post-post-modern (to borrow a phrase from the illustrious philosoraptor) gibberish masquerading as intellectualism and…

What we now have is a very small (but possibly, and alarmingly-if-so, growing) minority of people who seem to be incredibly dissatisfied with the sex into which they have been born.  We have a large and very vocal group of people which is encouraging them not only to disavow the sex they happen to be, but to pretend to be the opposite sex.  In addition, this large and vocal group of people is attempting to force others to acknowledge such make-believe as though it were reality.  In fact, there are actually laws already on the books in certain areas which make it a crime to fail to play along with the lie.  There are movements ramping up which promote the falsification of government records to accommodate the lie.

All of this has made me think of the movie Patch Adams and its connection with what’s currently going on with the American Far Left.  They seem to be in this out of what started as perhaps a genuine concern for the suffering of others, but that concern has since metastasized into the outrageous slave mentality on constant parade across American campuses in which victimhood is the highest aspiration and all who deny those who seek it their pursuit shall be castigated relentlessly as evil, demonically prejudiced oppressors.  Now that last part isn’t very Patch Adams-like, but now we are seeing that this insanity has brought them to a point which reminds me of a scene from that movie in which Mr. Adams has taken a delusional psychiatric patient for what seems to be the time of his life, pretending along with his delusion that he can fly and providing him some means to simulate that feeling.

Unfortunately, the man subsequently leaps to his death in front of Mr. Adams, having come to believe that he can truly fly, in part by Patch’s well-intended but misguided reinforcement of the delusion.

This, I am afraid, is what our society is currently doing with respect to our debates over bathroom laws and public organizations (such as schools)’ endorsement of transsexual “identities.”  No one can change his or her sex, and what’s more, no one should feel the need to.  However, some people have what appear to be psychological problems which manifest in part as a desire to do just that.  For society to not only encourage these people to act on this unattainable fantasy, but label it as some sort of profound human right that they be able to do so with the absolute and unwavering assent of their neighbors, is to commit what seems to me an egregious sin against them.

We now have children as young as four years old, human beings who cannot be trusted to make the simplest of decisions without the support of their caregivers, who are being treated as though they are “transgender”, as though it’s a natural thing to deny one’s physiological makeup and pretend to have another.  I cannot begin to estimate the extreme damage being done to these poor children’s lives; I cannot imagine they will ever regain their footing fully from such abuse.  We overlook the clear relevant facts that there are no good arguments to be had here, that there is no reason to deny reality, and we provide not only a hospitable environment in which they may do so, but we are witnessing active encouragement and illegalization of opposition to such encouragement.  We are practically formalizing, instituting, and ensuring psychological turmoil in these children.

Even beyond the matter of the children caught up in this wave of strange consent, this issue bothers me quite a lot.  I don’t want anyone to suffer, and I think that, were we to recognize that some people, despite all attempts at assistance, seem to have some sort of psychological problem wherein the only solution is that they must portray themselves as members of the opposite sex, well, then that’s what has to happen.  Some people, in fact, seem to have recognized this about themselves.  But to act as though this is a totally reasonable thing to do, that it is a valuable life pursuit, and that the only reason for anyone to oppose it must be evil bigotry, is tremendously worrisome to me.  I don’t want anyone to waste his or her life chasing after an unattainable fantasy, much less one which revolves around such a trivial matter as one’s physiological sex, and I certainly don’t want to live in a society where we promote such behavior and act as though it is just fine and dandy.

I want people to get the assistance they need to acknowledge reality and deal with it.  I want people to know that these issues they may think matter tremendously do not.  I, too, have been in the grips of falsehood, and I want to help others escape from it, for there is no freedom in living a lie.

And slowly, I think this Patch Adams moment will play out to the horror of those who participated.  As this phenomenon ramps up, we are witnessing that those who undergo surgical “transitions” do not often see resolution of their problems.  Even the organization which began the practice (Johns Hopkins) no longer performs or endorses it, in large part because of this sort of data.

This is very difficult subject matter because, unfortunately, it appears to be likely that those in the grips of the psychological issues that prompt them to identify as “transsexual” (or “transgender”) are not capable judges of their own situations.  Many of these individuals (as reported in the link directly above) claim to be happy with their “transitioned” lives, all the while suffering the same issues which were formerly used as evidence of their need to “transition.”

Those of us who can see clearly must help those who cannot, and I fear we are doing a tremendous disservice to others, especially those who are merely children, in cooperating with their psychological distress.


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