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The Right, The Left, and the Middle Way

I was discussing current political issues with the illustrious philosoraptor and as I am wont to do, it prompted me to think about the role of the religious therein, and I thought I would post this excerpt from our discussion: The right’s problem … Continue reading

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The Louisiana Flood: A Case Study in Opportunistic Sensationalism

Look, it’s not a palatable argument to have to make, but that’s what drives the pervasive media-driven sensationalism in this country.  So I’m going to have to say it:  The Louisiana floods, terrible though they are, do not even approach … Continue reading

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Explaining Trump’s Rhetoric

Obama literally founded ISIS, Hillary is the most corrupt candidate of all time, Mexico will pay for a border wall… What’s the deal?  Well, if you ask me, it’s not too hard to determine: First:  He is a Terrible Businessman … Continue reading

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A Hopeful Trend

It would be really, really good for America if this trend were to continue and Trump were to lose in a historic landslide. Then maybe the Republicans would somehow be spurred into getting themselves together, eradicating the Trump-esque from amid … Continue reading

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