A Flawed Politician vs. a Career Charlatan

You may have noticed that trump has given a little more (accidental? Maybe he just doesn’t care at all?) insight into his practices.  He’s admitted the reason that he’s not making a statement regarding an obvious falsehood which he has promoted for many, many years, that Obama is an illegitimate President on account of not having been born in the US (and possibly being a Muslim; egad!).  That is, he wants to “keep the suspense going.”

If you saw my last post about this national embarrassment, you will recall that I mentioned his book in which he admits to a strategy of “truthful hyperbole” (which is perhaps more accurately rendered: “plausibly-deniable hyperbole”).

It is clear enough that trump has spent a lifetime managing his success in this manner; he is a con-man.  He tells people what they want to hear in order to manipulate them into making the incorrect decision to trust him.  He has admitted this in his book, and here he is admitting to withholding the truth in order to keep people in a more easily manipulated state of suspense.

Now, this isn’t, of course, unheard of in modern politics.  The Clinton campaign assuredly acts similarly.  However, what we have here is a choice between a candidate in whom we have absolutely no demonstration (much less assurance) of substance behind the manipulation.  In fact, we have evidence that he has failed repeatedly upon gaining the improperly-placed trust of his past business partners.  We know by his own admission that he does not read, much less on issues of national or international import, and that he considers himself to be his best consultant.

Sadly, after decades of political disputes between candidates threatening the disastrous outcomes looming at the hands of their opponents, I’m afraid we’ve lost the capacity as a nation to recognize a genuine threat.  Even when the very party that nominates a candidate is fractured to an unprecedented degree over support for him, with those who do not support him making it clear that they are in agreement with his opponents that he is an entirely incompetent, unacceptable choice for the leader of the free world, the country remains largely divided over standard party lines.

Additionally, we have received some valuable information about HRC from the leaked emails of Colin Powell.  Here is a respectable man whose honest behind-the-scenes opinions have been given to us, and they are:

  1. Trump is a national disgrace, wholly unfit for the office of President of the United States.
  2. HRC is a hard-working, respectable person who nonetheless ruins and/or damages situations with a sort of greedy arrogance.
    1. Also, Benghazi was a stupid witch hunt
    2. Also, the email scandal was/is legit to the extent that HRC was intentionally circumventing department regulations in the same way that Colin Powell did before her.

All of this seems to me to line up well with what we (should) have already surmised, as well.  The fact that we have an intelligent insider’s opinion on these matters which seems entirely in line with the available facts should strongly support the conclusion that the only rational choice before Americans in this election is HRC.

It is not fun to have to choose a candidate with serious and known flaws, but her competence and hard work seems unquestioned, and though she may arrogantly stumble on occasion, the former characteristics are of extreme importance when faced with an opposing choice that, by every single account, lacks them entirely.

I really, really hope America doesn’t make the obviously wrong choice this time around.  It is hard to imagine that the consequences of such a failure will not be severely bad for the country.

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