If trump Found the Ring of Gyges..

You know, I actually said to the illustrious philosoraptor a while back, “If that guy found the Ring of Gyges, people would start disappearing.”  And now we have a little insight into just how accurate that assessment seems to have been.

It is really pretty amazing how fervently trump supporters are defending his words as “locker room banter” or what the hell ever.

First, a wee, less important point: I have a hard time thinking most men aren’t garbage. That is my reflexive, perhaps largely emotional position on that general matter. Despite that, and despite having been exposed to my fair share of private interpersonal dialogue between men who were actually garbage, only once or twice did the content of those dialogues resemble trump’s speech. I guess I don’t find it incredibly hard to believe that a large portion of this country is defending his words by asserting abject disbelief in the possibility that other men don’t speak like this in private, given my general inclination towards the belief that most men are garbage, but given that trump’s particularly vile speech is an order of magnitude or so above that which I have typically felt earns men the classification of “garbage,” it is kinda surprising, actually.

The second, most important point, however, seems to be completely eclipsed by the fact that trump was speaking about his penchant for casual sexual assault. The most important point, I think, is that we have this guy, somehow being considered for the office of the President of the United States, on tape saying that he can freely express his penchant for sexual assault because he’s “a star” (loosely construed, apparently), and so he can do anything he wants.

Of course, it should have been an easy inference for anyone to make up until this point that trump is approximately this kind of person. He does not seem to care for anything other than his own aggrandizement and pleasure, and he has repeatedly voiced positions that would have disqualified him from mainstream Republican support were the Republicans not already self-whipped into a near-completely-irrational frenzy over the grossly exaggerated failings of HRC, but now we have actual, direct evidence that he takes whatever advantage conferred upon him by a (much) lower position of social power to do nothing less than sexually assault women for fun.

It is a testament in favor of all those great thinkers of history who thought democracy untenable that the completely irrational means by which so many of our country’s denizens make their decisions should be laid so plainly bare before us all.

HRC is not a great choice. I’ve even written that, were we a stronger nation, she would indeed face jail for her willful negligence in handling our national security. But, sadly, we have a simple choice: it’s her or far, far, unambiguously disastrously far worse. Trump has all the makings of the next Nixon, though without any of Nixon’s good qualities. You can rightfully bemoan the two-party system. You can bemoan the poor choice had in HRC. But in my estimation, the actually unprecedented risk to the nation posed by Trump merits extreme caution and discipline which mandates of us all a vote for HRC. And if she is evaluated objectively, again sadly, it will be found that she is not that far worse than a typical American political candidate.

I don’t like the status quo. I want to see something awesome happen, and I don’t think HRC will bring that about, but I’ll be damned if I fail to cast my vote in a way that does anything other than seek most efficaciously to prevent someone like trump from holding our nation’s highest office.

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