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Navigating the Tianocore UEFI Shell

Just in case you end up getting dropped to the UEFI shell when attempting to start a Windows guest domain with KVM/QEMU/Tianocore, I thought I might post a little shot from Alex Williams’ extremely helpful series (to which I’ve already … Continue reading

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Performing IOMMU-based PCI Passthrough of an NVidia GPU with Fedora 22

Well, it took eight hours of cobbling together instructions from a variety of guides on the Interwebs, but it’s done!  I have added a GeForce GTX 960 to my server (running Fedora 22 Server) and I have given control of … Continue reading

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Implementing PCI Device Passthrough (IOMMU) with Intel VT-d, KVM, QEMU, and libvirtd on Fedora 21

Update See the next article addressing the topic of IOMMU-based PCI passthrough with KVM/QEMU in Fedora 22 (using an NVidia GPU, even!) for another walkthrough. Procedure Hardware inventory 1)  Ensure your processor supports IOMMU: AMD processors must include AMD-Vi instructions … Continue reading

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