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Configuring the TigerVNC-Server on Fedora 21

For some reason, I had a hell of a time finding good documentation regarding this simple subject matter, so here you go: Installing tigervnc-server If you want merely to view VNC sessions on another system, install the tigervnc package. If … Continue reading

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SharedSystemCertificates in Fedora 21: Blacklisting the CCNIC Root Certificate

A question came up on regarding the recent CCNIC debacle and Google’s decision to distrust their Root CA given their recent misbehavior.  The user wanted to know how to blacklist the CCNIC Root CA, himself, for all software running … Continue reading

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The NSA is a Disaster

I don’t have too much to add to this subject, but I feel obligated to say something.  The story to which I will link is old news, but it’s just part of the constant flow of revelations about the extent … Continue reading

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