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The Unhinging of the American Left and the Genesis of Irrational Legislation

The American left is becoming increasingly disturbing to me. Unsatisfied even with the outrageous nonsense Donald Trump actually says, they can’t seem to keep themselves from flagrantly misrepresenting his position as worse than it is. And it’s not just every … Continue reading

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The Neo-PC Begins Using Physical Assault

At the command of professors aligned with the movement, no less.  How they shall avoid immediate termination for directly requesting that students physically assault other students is beyond me.  That this is being done on behalf of a movement ostensibly … Continue reading

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The Neo-PC Far Left, Emotional Relativism, and Postmodern Hermeneutics

So, I posted previously on the dangers of postmodern hermeneutics here.  I argued that the actions of crazed, violent morons who declare themselves to be “The Islamic State” rationally prohibit their recognition as Muslim.  The belief that they are Muslim, … Continue reading

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