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The Electric Mountain: The Engineering Walden Project Technical Reference Model

  Schematic Overview This is best opened in a companion window to be referenced while reading the following information. Summary of the Engineering Walden Project Basically, the goal here is to provide a platform on which I can build any … Continue reading

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Transgenderism: Dominating Reason with Political Correctness

I really, really balk at getting into these issues because honestly, I worry that they’ll die out on their own and that attention paid to them is counter-productive.  But I can’t sit idly by while our society appears to be … Continue reading

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Consequences of Premature Conclusions: Goofy Standing Workstations Edition

My posting this is more or less a pitiful act of pride, but I totally called it.  As soon as I saw the studies alleging that sitting for long periods of time is significantly bad for one’s health with its … Continue reading

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Sexism and Other Common Obstructions

So Jennifer Lawrence recently penned a short essay being hailed about the Interwebs.  Being a user of Google News (silly me), I thought I might take a look.  Though I really don’t know much about her, Ms. Lawrence has struck … Continue reading

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The Hidden DNF Groups of the Fedora Repositories

You might be looking to install, say, the GNOME Desktop Environment in Fedora 22 (say you installed a spin), so you might check out the available package groups through dnf: $ sudo dnf group list Last metadata expiration check performed … Continue reading

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A Confession from an Injustice Collector

Update:  I just ran across this interesting article which basically states the obvious (i.e. these sad perpetrators of violence need human beings who care for them to save them) in a more policy-oriented fashion.  The concept of “interrupters,” for example, is described in part in … Continue reading

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Symmetric Multiprocessing Scheduler Improvement Forthcoming in Kernel 4.3

Thanks to Phoronix, here’s the Git entry. This might actually substantially improve performance on KVM hosts with multicore guest domains, especially those with overcommitted processors.  Though I haven’t seen it specifically mentioned, theoretically, I’d imagine the dynamic symmetric multiprocessing workloads … Continue reading

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