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Governing the Body

Standing upon the firm ground of faith, Mind sets forth to know that which it shall become.  Life is naught but the exercise of God, a Divine Meditation of the Celestial Mind in which the hands of wise architects do … Continue reading

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The Electric Mountain: The Engineering Walden Project Technical Reference Model

  Schematic Overview This is best opened in a companion window to be referenced while reading the following information. Summary of the Engineering Walden Project Basically, the goal here is to provide a platform on which I can build any … Continue reading

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Transgenderism: Dominating Reason with Political Correctness

I really, really balk at getting into these issues because honestly, I worry that they’ll die out on their own and that attention paid to them is counter-productive.  But I can’t sit idly by while our society appears to be … Continue reading

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Universal Love

Harboring anger is like picking up a burning coal to throw at another; it is you who is burned.  –  The Buddha The pursuit of anger’s justification is a fool’s errand, for such justification must rest on the fundamental misconception that individual … Continue reading

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Consequences of Premature Conclusions: Goofy Standing Workstations Edition

My posting this is more or less a pitiful act of pride, but I totally called it.  As soon as I saw the studies alleging that sitting for long periods of time is significantly bad for one’s health with its … Continue reading

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Sexism and Other Common Obstructions

So Jennifer Lawrence recently penned a short essay being hailed about the Interwebs.  Being a user of Google News (silly me), I thought I might take a look.  Though I really don’t know much about her, Ms. Lawrence has struck … Continue reading

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The Hidden DNF Groups of the Fedora Repositories

You might be looking to install, say, the GNOME Desktop Environment in Fedora 22 (say you installed a spin), so you might check out the available package groups through dnf: $ sudo dnf group list Last metadata expiration check performed … Continue reading

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