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Upgrading a KVM/QEMU Windows Guest Domain to Windows 10

You are likely to run into the following error during the upgrade process: Windows 10 installation failed in SAFE_OS phas with error during boot The error code reported to you when you reboot the system and it rolls back changes … Continue reading

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Extending Storage for an LVM-Backed Windows Guest Domain with KVM/QEMU

Well that was significantly more painful than I had anticipated.  Here’s the quick and dirty instruction set which involves multiple tools, perhaps needlessly, since I was investigating the issue for some time: Shut down the guest domain (someone might be … Continue reading

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If trump Found the Ring of Gyges..

You know, I actually said to the illustrious philosoraptor a while back, “If that guy found the Ring of Gyges, people would start disappearing.”  And now we have a little insight into just how accurate that assessment seems to have … Continue reading

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