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QEMU-System-x86_64: Guest moved used index

Problem Description: So, if you’re running KVM/QEMU guest domains in Fedora Server 22, it seems that adding a network device to a guest while it is operational may result in a subsequent failure to boot the guest domain (the qemu … Continue reading

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Religious Classicism

For many years, I have sought a term for my religious identity.  “American Transcendentalist” was close, bearing rightly on the penultimate theological importance of Mind, its Divinity, and transcendence, and reflecting my genuine adoration for Emerson, Thoreau, and company, but I desired … Continue reading

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Conceptual Inaccuracy Rollup: “White Privilege,” “Microaggression,” “Cultural Appropriation,” “Rape Culture,” and “Socially Constructed” Edition (whew!)

Just thought I’d link to this, since it’s a good representation of a reasonably lengthy series of discussions and points made over at the illustrious philosoraptor’s digs.  I’ll cross-post my comment for a good summary of the point on this … Continue reading

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Adding the Brain as Digital Attack Surface

This is approximately the worst idea ever. Yeah, yeah, everyone knew it was going to happen.  Everyone knows that someone, somewhere is going to push the cyborg thing, but you’ll find me forever au naturale.  I won’t even buy a … Continue reading

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Installing the Proprietary AMD Crimson driver on Fedora 23 with Linux Kernel 4.2.8

Finally:  See the next post for instructions pertinent to the latest Fedora 23 kernel (version 4.4.6-300). So, thanks to the great community forming along this thread, it looks like I can keep some instructions up despite my lack of an … Continue reading

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Theodicy: The Nature of Evil and the Unity of God

Ibn Tumart was on to something when he asserted the equivalence of rational and legal deductions; in arriving at this deep insight, he argued that the former calls for the distinction between the necessary, possible, and impossible, where the latter … Continue reading

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Outlook 2010 only Viewable when Maximized on Windows 7

Resolution Up Front: Modify the shortcut used to start Outlook by right-clicking it (hold shift if clicking a Start Bar icon) and selecting “Properties” In the “Shortcut” tab, select the “Maximized” option from the drop-down menu for the “Run” field. … Continue reading

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