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A Guy From the Urals

“A Guy from the Urals” By Vasili Neyasov (1959)

I consider myself a modern American Transcendentalist and a Muslim adherent of the Din I Ilahi aspiring to be aligned with the likes of the Brethren of Purity.  In support of a religious life, it is my aim to use information technology to organize and automate away life’s administrative overhead, so to speak, and facilitate thereby religious practice and discipline in liberal artistry alongside a modern and socially integrated existence.

So the purpose of this blog is to support my sisters and brothers in God on similar journeys, for whom the requirements of modern life threaten to obstruct the pious pursuit of the Good.  As the blog title suggests, I intend to provide documentation of technology-driven solutions in an effort to engineer a tranquil environment in modern American society without the need for physical and/or intellectual isolation therefrom.

In addition to the technical documentation efforts described above, I will use the blog as a platform for religious, philosophical, and political discussion.  I further hope that other subsections, representing a variety of scientific and artistic pursuits (e.g. music, amateur entomology, astronomy) will be created as I continue to develop and make use of the technology platform which supports this project.

Note on the Blog URL:

The URL is a reference to the Blue Cliff Record, a Chinese Buddhist (Chan) collection of sayings. In the IT world, a “blue hat” is a network defense architect, so the blog is a record of the author’s works in IT with a goal of living (building) a simple life (hence the “Engineering Walden” bit) in modern times through a focus on system functionality, elegance, and security.




2 Responses to About the Author

  1. Xaphir says:

    If you need an amd card to continue your work, please contact me, it’s possible I can help. A fan of your blog was on irc and told me about your hardware situation. We AMD fans really need to band together and support each other, especially in the Fedora community, because in the irc #fedora channel they get no support, and worse, driven off. Your work is extremely important. Please feel free to contact me regarding some hardware donations, I am interested in helping you with what you are doing.

    Kind Regards


    • Wow, man – that’s incredibly cool and kind.

      So my situation is this: I now have a single system on which I’m using Fedora 22 as the hypervisor OS with a Fedora 23 + NVidia (IOMMU PCI Passthrough with a GTX 960) gaming/workstation VM. I’m working on a full system diagram that I can post up here so I can refer you to that for more info once I’m done. I could probably throw in a Radeon card of some sort on my other PCIe port and spin up a VM for use in maintaining the AMD Crimson installation instructions, but I’ve balked thus far because it’s such an experimental arrangement with no proof of concept of which I’m aware. My NVidia-based workstation VM has been working reliably for half a year now, so I have some more confidence I could get it to work, but it’s unclear if an AMD card will survive the PCI Passthrough attempt as well as the NVidia card..

      I should probably look for a cheap card which will be likely to be supported by Crimson for a good while and give it a shot. Any ideas on the card I should use?

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