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America’s Crippled Political Discourse and the Trump Phenomenon

I have been thinking a lot recently about my attempts at fairly analyzing the two major scandals facing Hillary Rodham Clinton: the utterly-bereft-of-substance Benghazi “scandal” and the bona fide failure on her behalf that was the email server scandal. For … Continue reading

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Using systemd and Logical Volume Manager Snapshot Volumes During Fedora Operating System Upgrades

With the looming end of support for Fedora 22, I thought I might write this up: I just successfully made use of this solution (based on instructions from the excellent ArchWiki) and I thought I’d provide documentation here since it’s … Continue reading

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Upgrade Notes: Fedora 22 to Fedora 23

Well, despite the relatively complexity of my home server arrangement, I am happy to report that the Fedora team has succeeded in providing a distribution that smoothly upgrades without any additional administrative intervention!  Hooray! Nonetheless, to be safe, I recommend … Continue reading

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