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Actual Statistics: Seeing Through The Partisan “Gun Violence” Haze

So, just to be clear (though it’s not really relevant), I’m a gun owner.  I have a single pistol.  I don’t really understand why people often seem to own huge numbers of firearms, as it only seems to increase risk … Continue reading

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Works and Days

So my blog has been rather silent for some time.  Basically, I was suddenly catapulted to a more prestigious and labor-intensive position at work, and I have been working to a degree that is unprecedented in my life, both professionally … Continue reading

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If trump Found the Ring of Gyges..

You know, I actually said to the illustrious philosoraptor a while back, “If that guy found the Ring of Gyges, people would start disappearing.”  And now we have a little insight into just how accurate that assessment seems to have … Continue reading

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The Apparent Correlation Between Race and IQ

Look, there seems to be one.  Deal with it. I can’t get over the fact that these people opposed to merely observing an apparent correlation between race and IQ seem to be victims of their own inability to understand the … Continue reading

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The Crux of Modern PC Sophistry: The False Equivocation of Violence and Speech

As most people are aware, there has been a recent (within the past few years) surge on American college campuses in the creation of and request for “safe spaces” in which certain topics of discussion are verboten and dissent of … Continue reading

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A Flawed Politician vs. a Career Charlatan

You may have noticed that trump has given a little more (accidental? Maybe he just doesn’t care at all?) insight into his practices.  He’s admitted the reason that he’s not making a statement regarding an obvious falsehood which he has … Continue reading

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The Right, The Left, and the Middle Way

I was discussing current political issues with the illustrious philosoraptor and as I am wont to do, it prompted me to think about the role of the religious therein, and I thought I would post this excerpt from our discussion: The right’s problem … Continue reading

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