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Like the sun From afar, warming As though near

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OpenZFS Moments: My First Bit Flip?

I checked my weekly scrub report and found, lo and behold, one of my disks experienced an unrecoverable error!  The message is nicely presented with a very professional and informative descriptive page:   pool: tank  state: ONLINE status: One or … Continue reading

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Installing the Proprietary AMD Crimson driver on Fedora 23 with Linux Kernel 4.2.6

Most-Important Update:  See the latest post in the series for instructions on installing the Crimson driver in Fedora 23 with kernel version 4.2.8! Finally, after the prolonged mess that was Catalyst support for Linux kernel 4.2, it looks like we … Continue reading

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A Brief Autobiographical Religious Note

My academic journey began somewhat with Greek and Roman mystery religions.  My initial fascination with and love of Greco-Roman culture led me to seek a means by which the fantastic and prolific polytheism of those peoples might be reconciled with … Continue reading

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Skillful Means

As I have written, I remember being trapped in my own ignorant, emotional hell in all its embarrassing details.  Given that, I am reminded often to view those who are themselves similarly gripped with compassion and empathy.  This must, of course, be … Continue reading

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So You Want To Be A SysAdmin

Hopefully people looking for this information will find it here; one of the most stifling things about the IT profession is, to me, the total lack of transparency on behalf of IT professionals regarding their development and their skills.  Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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The Neo-PC Begins Using Physical Assault

At the command of professors aligned with the movement, no less.  How they shall avoid immediate termination for directly requesting that students physically assault other students is beyond me.  That this is being done on behalf of a movement ostensibly … Continue reading

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A Diamond in the Internet Clickbait Rough

My God, if my daughter ever handled such a situation and expressed herself so proficiently, I would consider my fatherhood a stunning success. The details of the incident are hidden from public view, but someone so coherent and so clearly … Continue reading

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On The Interpretation of Paleolithic Art

I have been reading the Cave Painters (Gregory Curtis) and quite enjoying it.  Whether it is simply the subject matter that enthralls me so or his particular capacity as an author, I do not know (though I know with certainty … Continue reading

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