Brief Issue Analysis: The Special Counsel’s Findings and Impeachment

With all the purported complexity and confusion out there on this subject, perhaps someone could correct me if I am incorrect.  Being a layperson in terms of the law, I would be entirely unsurprised if I am incorrect, but here is my position for any who might stumble along it and have some better knowledge of the matter which they could offer:

Mueller has determined, out of respect for the official position of the Department of Justice regarding its inability to charge a sitting President with criminal behavior, that the conclusion of whether or not the facts his investigation uncovered merit official proceedings against the President of the United States lies outside the scope of his responsibilities.

It seems pretty clear to me that Mueller is correct: the responsibility to choose whether or not to pursue official action against the President of the United States regarding crimes accused of him is that of Congress.

It seems also pretty clear to me that Mueller expects his findings are sufficient to warrant at least an official determination by Congress as to whether or not they merit an impeachment.

And if all that is the case, the Department of Justice must turn over any subpoenaed documents to Congress for their review such that the formal decision may be rendered.

I don’t see how any of this requires in-depth legal expertise about what’s going on. I could be overlooking some sort of complexity here, but I don’t see any, myself. Things are more complex when determining the validity of the official Department of Justice position, but if we simply accept it as Mueller has, I don’t know what’s confusing here.

The Republicans are abhorrently hypocritical cowards who now find themselves supporting an unfit, disgusting man semi-arbitrarily assigned membership with their party purely because he has that membership and is in power.  The Democrats are inept buffoons slowly succumbing to a cancerous and tyrannical “politically correct” nonsense with a similar degree of cowardice compelling them to behave in the most politically advantageous manner rather than the correct manner.

So we have a logjam.

It all seems quite simple to me, to be honest. Congress should render a formal decision regarding impeachment and pursue it or not, depending on the decision. The merits of the decision can then be made clear to all interested parties.

If anyone can point me to any information indicating that what I put forth above is incorrect, I would gladly accept it and amend this post so that it might be a resource to other interested parties.

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