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Violence and the American Dream

In response to a post by the illustrious philosoraptor regarding the latest documented murders making their rounds on the Interwebs, I expressed the following which I thought I would cross-post (with some modification) on account of its effective conveyance of … Continue reading

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The Noble Solution to the Theft of Capitalism

One of the greatest and most frequently overlooked (or perhaps eclipsed, given the more direct and inhumane atrocities) evils committed by the likes of the despicable totalitarian governments of China and the USSR was the defamation of communism.  When Karl … Continue reading

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Ruminations on the Cybersecurity Hiring Crisis

I came across a pair of articles over at ZDNet: Cybersecurity’s hiring crisis: a troubling trajectory Cybersecurity’s hiring crisis: Rockstars, anger, and the billion dollar problem This is a well-known issue in information technology, but it does not seem to … Continue reading

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