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The Republican M.O. of the Past Two Decades

Not content to quietly fade away after eluding punishment for a horrid life, cheney has emerged into the light yet again to say: “I think it was sloppy and unprofessional, that it reflects a lack of understanding about how easy … Continue reading

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John McAfee: Exemplar of the Stereotypical Angry IT Nerd

Man, McAfee sure comes across as a pompous ass in this article, no?  Maybe he wrote it when he was having a particularly bad day…or something, but clearly, the purpose of his article was to inform others of how awesome … Continue reading

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Violence and the American Dream

In response to a post by the illustrious philosoraptor regarding the latest documented murders making their rounds on the Interwebs, I expressed the following which I thought I would cross-post (with some modification) on account of its effective conveyance of … Continue reading

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The Routine

Well, I’m finally putting my master theory into practice in regards to exercise. Furthermore, I’ve finally sat down and written it all out. Behold! My (probably unremarkable, but for some reason seemingly brushed aside by most) hypothesis is that the … Continue reading

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Error Handling: Upgrading PC-BSD 10.1-RELEASE-p27 to 10.2-RELEASE

Error Description: So, I made use of the PC-BSD Update Manager in an attempt to upgrade my PC-BSD system (running nicely on a Dell Latitude E6420) from 10.1-RELEASE-p27 to 10.2-RELEASE.  After completing 949/950 operations, the Update Manager reported the following … Continue reading

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The Neo-PC Far Left, Emotional Relativism, and Postmodern Hermeneutics

So, I posted previously on the dangers of postmodern hermeneutics here.  I argued that the actions of crazed, violent morons who declare themselves to be “The Islamic State” rationally prohibit their recognition as Muslim.  The belief that they are Muslim, … Continue reading

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Review: The Jawbone UP3

Conclusion Up Front I have to say:  I am very impressed with the Jawbone UP3.  I’ve had it for two weeks now and it has been absolutely fantastic. I love this device, and I disagree with the common points around … Continue reading

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