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Implementing PCI Device Passthrough (IOMMU) with Intel VT-d, KVM, QEMU, and libvirtd on Fedora 21

Update See the next article addressing the topic of IOMMU-based PCI passthrough with KVM/QEMU in Fedora 22 (using an NVidia GPU, even!) for another walkthrough. Procedure Hardware inventory 1)  Ensure your processor supports IOMMU: AMD processors must include AMD-Vi instructions … Continue reading

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Using the IBus Chinese – Pinyin Input Method in the Fedora 22 KDE Plasma Desktop Spin

The Process This is almost certainly not the best way to do this, but thanks to the absolute dearth of information online, this is what I’ve come up with: Install the necessary packages to use iBus in KDE The package … Continue reading

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Unreasonably Bad Design: Computerized Vehicles Edition

The Disaster I know I’m not the only systems engineer out there who has been disturbed by the obviously idiotic designs going into our planes, trains (probably), and automobiles (Update: Corvette, too is designing their vehicles with similar flaws). Here’s … Continue reading

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An Official Song for New Horizons

Does the team have an official song?  ‘Cause if not, I found one.  Though it was obviously not written with this in mind, a significant number of metaphorical thematic connections between the project and the topic of the song fit perfectly.  However, the … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting R Package Installation on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

I thought I’d take the opportunity to work through an example to demonstrate a basic problem-solving method for R on RHEL: When attempting to install the R packages “ggmap” and its dependent package “jpeg,” one might encounter output with the … Continue reading

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Congratulations, NASA; Pluto is beautiful. I can’t wait for the upcoming images, and I thank you for further fueling the imagination if an adult whose boyhood was spent contemplating the exploration of space and possible alien life forms.  I never … Continue reading

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Ill Omens: Celebrations of Obesity and Ignorance

Our society has recently developed quite a problem with obesity; not only are 2/3 of all Americans overweight (with half of them obese), but in a process which has become all too common, we are working towards a false absolution … Continue reading

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