Further Research with Wine

So, I was rethinking my approach here, and I realized I never really gave Wine a fair enough chance.  I intended to read the documentation thoroughly after my initial wave of novice-grade testing, but at the end of my novice-grade testing I became so caught up in my alternate theories for a Windows gaming option with Fedora 20 (namely, a VM guest domain into which I pass my GPU using AMD-Vi) that I forgot to actually, y’know, get professional and read the documentation and really determine the extent of Wine’s capabilities.  Sadly, it seems, the vast majority of conversation regarding Wine’s functionality is held between folks who just haven’t done the homework (primarily because there’s so much of it to be done) to know whether or not what they are attempting is possible.

So hopefully I can work this into my schedule.  I think it’s valuable education for both Windows and Linux administration, so I may well be able to work it into some of my training at work.  Knowing how Windows applications operate with the level of precision required to comprehend a translation-layer solution like Wine would be phenomenal.  Learning enough to contribute to Wine’s development through DirectX translation code would be an amazing end to this, as well.

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