The Apparent Correlation Between Race and IQ

Look, there seems to be one.  Deal with it.

I can’t get over the fact that these people opposed to merely observing an apparent correlation between race and IQ seem to be victims of their own inability to understand the simple fact that odious ends are not warranted by such observations.

Per the article, for example; if it is true that Hispanic people have, on average, a lower IQ than white people, that does not justify screening immigrants for IQ.  What the hell is that?  We don’t give people IQ tests before they’re permitted to be Americans.  There’s no justification for choosing characteristics such as IQ (or strength, or weight, or height…) to be requirements for citizenship in America.  What, are we going to give these tests to all children born in America, as well, and deport any who fail to meet the standard?

Such a measure has nothing to do with the correlation between race and IQ at all.  Its worthiness of implementation has nothing to do with that correlation.

It would probably actually be better for America if people had this data shoved into their faces so the population at large would have to grow up and figure out the simple fact that people aren’t to be discriminated against because of such attributes.  People would have to realize that a morally upright person who seeks what is good despite a low IQ is far more valuable than a morally despicable person who makes use of a high IQ to do wrong.  And who would you rather have as a neighbor?

Humans covered this subject matter forever ago.  Socrates whomped Thrasymachus, proving that might does not make right, and that applies to physical as well as intellectual might.  You don’t get to abuse others because you’re stronger than they are, and you don’t get to abuse others because you’re smarter than they are.

Unless I’m missing something extremely obvious, this stuff is so simple, it’s just pathetic.  If we can’t realize that we must respectfully coexist despite even important, consequential distinctions in our qualities, we’re going to be eugenicist, totalitarian asshats in no time flat.

The worst of it all is that these people arguing against investigation into correlations between race and IQ are basically agreeing with the racists they despise in some critical fashion.  They’re saying, in effect, that we must avert our eyes, for if we see the facts we think we will see, then we’ll have to admit the racists are right.

And that’s some bull shit, right there.  A real difference in qualities such as IQ or strength among races does not mean we get to segregate the races.  The American ideal of meritocracy has been remediated so that it applies equally to all races and sexes, as it should have from the beginning.  And it should be further refined, in my opinion, to be more aligned with a moral meritocracy, at that.  I am tired of watching hard-working blue collar people forced to live with a pittance because their labor, still absolutely necessary for the success of America, is less valued by virtue of some sort of unreasonable worship for intelligence in this country.  There was a time when I worked an extremely labor-intensive warehouse job, and I think back on this from my comfortable white collar office often, especially when I observe laziness or incompetence among other white collar workers who nonetheless earn far more than honest, unbelievably hard-working blue collar laborers.

So far from banning research into IQ differences among human beings, we should allow the recognition of IQ differences and our moral obligations to one another to provoke us to better our condition.  I disagree with the author of the above-linked article suggesting a ban on such research, for its use is not in the end of the racist, but rather the end of those who want to better our society; principally, we should focus on ensuring that the horrendous income inequality plaguing this nation is addressed.  We neither need, nor should we desire, that positions more easily reached by those bearing natural advantages should offer the outrageously superior access to wealth currently featured in our society.  Everywhere we should endeavor to equally reward honest effort.

If you don’t win the genetic lottery and you wind up starting the game with a lower IQ than others, well then you’re playing the game of life on hard mode.  That is to be respected, and your successes are that much more valuable for it.  And even though it wasn’t that great of a movie overall, my favorite part of Alien 3, by far, was Francis Aaron’s character, called “85” mockingly by those around him who learned of his IQ from his personnel file.  His courage and moral fortitude was indispensable, and his work ethic allowed him to overcome that particular genetic disadvantage.

Next up: people argue we should stop investigating a correlation between genetic disorders and disability.  ‘Cause I mean, if there is such a correlation, we’ll just have to kick all people with genetic disorders out of America, right?


P.S.  White people aren’t the ultimate winners of the IQ genetic lottery; that seems to be those of Asian or Jewish descent.  So that’s always fun to point out to wrongheaded white supremacists, too.

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